Enter your domain (e.g. foo.com) to check whether your apple-app-site-association is properly hosted. Optionally, provide a Bundle identifier to validate the correct values from your project are present. For more accuracy, additionally provide your Team Identifier.

Currently Apple requires the AASA be signed.
Alternatively, provide an archived app .ipa file, and we'll check that it contains the proper entitlements and validate any listed domains.

 Ensure sure your app name is correct
Disclaimer: This product is in no way affiliated with Apple, and the results you see here do not guarantee that your setup will work with the actual Apple scraper. This is all my personal best guess at how things work, and things that have worked for me. None of the files or domains you use are stored on disk, they are deleted after the request completes.
{{ appname }} was successfully loaded
{{ domain }} -- This domain validates, JSON format is valid, and Bundle / Team Identifiers match (if provided)

{{ prettyPrintAASA(results.aasa) }}
{{ domain }} -- This domain has a valid AASA, but does not contain provided Bundle / Team Identifiers

{{ prettyPrintAASA(results.aasa) }}
{{ domain }} -- This domain AASA was pulled, but the JSON format is Invalid

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